Your future backyard, home to the Great Horned Owl.

Your future backyard, also known to us as the Pine Creek natural corridor, is a rich, healthy green space with an abundance of biodiversity. In this series, we would like to introduce you to some of the more interesting flora and fauna that call this spectacular place home. The Great Horned Owl: Look for this widespread owl in woods, particularly young woods, interspersed with fields, or other open areas. The broad range of habitats they use includes deciduous and evergreen forests, swamps, desert, tundra edges, and tropical rainforest, as well as cities, orchards, suburbs, and parks. Look up into the trees near sunset and you might see a Bubo Virginianus otherwise known as the Great Horned Owl. This large owl is native to the Americas and is one of the most widely distributed true owls in all of the Americas. They are astute hunters and feed on rabbits, mice, and other small animals including birds and reptiles. Often laying eggs weeks or even months before other raptorial birds the great horned owl is one of the earliest nesting birds in North America.